Simple weddings, sacred ceremonies, Taos, NM
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Eloping? Vow Renewal? Want simple yet sacred? Want adventure? Come to Taos NM—Blend with the land and celebrate life!

Weddings with Reverend Shaman Sandra—
Tequa Ikatchi—Blend with the land and celebrate life, is my mantra from my Hopi roots that drives my passion to write and officiate unique, simple (no rehearsals needed), wedding, commitment, or vow renewal ceremonies that honor Earth, our sacred directions, and Creator.

Feeling adventurous? Follow me on an Earth Way Wedding Caravan where nature is your witness.

Want intimacy? Experience a Medicine Wheel—Circle of Life Ceremony in the seclusion of a contemporary Hogan lit only by candle light.

Already have a place picked out? No worries! I'll come to you! (see Service Map)

As a Minister of Walking Prayer, I marry couples of any race, color, sexual orientation or religion. What an honor it is to hold sacred space for uniting two lover's hearts as one. See Ceremonies for details.

"[We] often talk about being connected to the energy of the universe, and we think your ceremony brought the spirits into our hearts…thank you for opening the door so we might begin our journey."
"Thank you for making our wedding ceremony so memorable. Your attention to detail made every second meaningful. Thank you for being part of our special day."

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May the blessings pour out upon you.

>>Wedding and ceremonial photography by Deanna Nelson. (unless otherwise noted)

>>>other images supplied by Sandra Chestnutt