Simple weddings, sacred ceremonies, Taos, NM
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About the Photographer and Flute Player

Photography: This includes professional photos being taken before, during, and after the ceremony, with your choice of 15 final images. Poetic Images by Deanna, is Taos’ leading photographer for event and wedding photography. Owned and operated by award winning photographer, Deanna Nelson, Poetic Images has been serving Taos and Northern New Mexico for ten years. Visit Deanna’s website to see her portfolio and full range of services. (Ceremony Convenience Package Bookings are through Earth Walk Medicine only.)

Flute: This includes a variety of flutes being played to create beautiful music from the time we arrive at your wedding site, through the ceremony, until we are ready to leave, all in the natural surroundings of the Rio Grande Gorge. Native American Flute Music by Bessie, is the true essence of the spirit of Taos. A very talented woman, Bessie dances with horses when she’s not dancing her flute music on the canyon winds. Owner and operator of Sangre de Reyes Classical Riding Academy, Breeders of Fine Spanish Horses, Bessie lives her life in service to equines and humans with love, respect, trust, and honesty. It’s a true honor to have her music transform your wedding experience. Visit Bessie’s website to listen to her music. (Ceremony Convenience Package Bookings are through Earth Walk Medicine only.)

Regarding Ceremony Convenience Package Photographer and Flute Player: Officiant acts as the booking agent on behalf of the photographer and flute player. They are considered agents retained for the event, and have the right to issue independent contracts to Couple on behalf of their services. Monies collected by Officiant are the agreed amounts to be paid by Couple, and will not exceed said amount stated in Fees. Officiant is not liable for performance of agents retained in the Earth Way Wedding Caravan Package. Couple will be contacted directly by Photographer, and/or Flute Player to discuss details of their services to be provided.