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About Sandra

Reverend Shaman Sandra Chestnutt
Ordained Minister of Walking Prayer
—Center for Sacred Studies—

    I live my life as a Walking Prayer walking the prayers for every person who asks me to. It means I walk in gratitude for Mother Earth and Father Sky, loving and honoring our Divine Creator. I pray for humanity to love and honor each other and our individuality, and for All Nations to seek peace and harmony from one another. It also means I walk in gratitude for all of life’s challenges recognizing those who challenge us are also our teachers. I value all walks of life, I am color blind, and know in my heart all religions/beliefs/spiritual practices stem from the same Divine source no matter what labels or naming conventions have been assigned to them.

    As a Minister of Walking Prayer, my interfaith studies through the Center for Sacred Studies prepared me in how to assist people as they move through the many transitions of life. I took to heart officiating the beautiful ceremonies of welcoming new borns into our world, uniting lovers in marriage, and saying good bye to those ready to pass on. Additionally I am qualified to officiate prayer or drumming circles, and to mentor individuals with their spiritual growth, supporting whatever path they are drawn to walk.

    As a Shamanic Practitioner, my initiations were initially passed to me through sacred medicine I received from a Lakota Medicine Woman and an American-Tibetan Shamanic Priest in a time of deep suffering within myself. Integrating my Hopi beliefs/heritage with their teachings, and teachings of other shamans and elders who have walked with me, sacred gifts have been given to me over time to keep me on this path. Adding to these teachings, I later studied with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies completing their three year residential program in Advanced Initiations in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing. By working the way that the compassionate spirits of my relations many circles back seem to want to work, they help me in alleviating suffering and pain in others, and in turn continue to give me gifts to help them work even more successfully.

    May our paths cross through the essences of my offerings, and may you feel the blessings pour out upon you in all that life has to offer you.
    May it be so.
    —All My Relations, Aho

    Related Credentials

    Current Business License Taos County NM

    • Ordained Minister of Walking Prayer, Center for Sacred Studies
     View Certificate of Ordainment.

    • Graduate: Foundation for Shamanic Studies —3 Year Residential Program "Advanced Initiations in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing", teachers: Michael Harner and Alicia Gates — studied there 1998 through 2006 View Certificate of Completion.

    • 1998 to 2001 Studied with a Lakota Medicine Woman and American-Tibetan (Nepal) Shamanic Priest receiving initiations of shamanic healing techniques. These were "show and tell" teachings, no certificates or documentations.