Welcome. May the blessings pour out upon you.
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Daily Prayers for you or a loved one.

Do you need a prayer for you or a loved one?

Walking your prayer means I do not get in the way of the prayer by keeping it pure and sincere and by holding sacred space for the prayer. Unless renewed, I walk your prayer for 7 days reciting it daily with other prayers and offerings. All intentions are pure, connecting to Creator. 
You will receive via email the prayer and a personal affirmation version that you or a loved one may recite to help walk the prayer.
Please email me the details. There is no charge for a prayer... 
May the blessings pour out upon you in all that you do. Aho.
Your gratitude contributions are welcome. You may do so at PayPal by clicking the "Send" tab up on top and directing your contribution to this email: sandychestnutt@gmail.com. I thank you, I thank you, I thank you.