Simple weddings, sacred ceremonies, Taos, NM
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River Bend Site

On public land, this is the most dramatic of the ceremony sites, and is about a twelve minute drive on a dirt road to the rim of the Rio Grande Gorge. An all wheel drive or four wheel drive vehicle is strongly recommended, as heavy ruts are present in some places. Can be muddy after rain. The trail to the ceremony site is short but steep, composed of sand and small rocks with some larger rocks to navigate around. The perfect spot for your ceremony is nestled near the edge of the cliff tucked in between some larger rocks with the river in view far below. Parking is expansive. At this site, it is unlikely to see other people in passing. (Photography: Poetic Images by Deanna.)

Please note: Though I always monitor the condition of these public lands, it is possible--but unlikely, that the condition of a site could be compromised and an alternate site would have to used. Weather, seasonal changes, unpredicted human changes, are amongst the possibilities.